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Aurora's history is among the longest in the fountain pen manufacture, having been inaugurated in 1919. Like many companies worldwide, their earliest output was of ebonite, copying Waterman's success with safety pens and eyedroppers. In 1927, they introduced the Duplex line, a lever-filler in celluloid and a copy of the Parker Duofold. In addition, the subbrand Olo emerged, with lower cost pens. By the 1930s, the Superba appeared, a successor to the Duplex.; also, at this time, Aurora starteed producing back lever pens and pens in brighter colors for the European market. The Novum came out in 1933, a back lever-filled model that also carried a security clip, a clever device that locked on a jacket or shirt pocket. Other models, the Etiopia, Superna, and Optima all followed before the end of the 1930s; all well-made, elegant and mechanically advanced pens.

About This Pen

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