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About This Model

Aurora's production was relatively linear after its recovery with the Aurora 88 starting in 1949. Simply put, until the 1970s, it was 88s in their various incarnations, with usually a second line. The first of these second lines was the Duocart, which first appeared in 1963, one of the first cartridge fillers and perhaps the only one with two linked cartridges. After Aurora was acquired by the Verona family, their current proprietors, Aurora then produced the 98. a piston filler with Reserva Magica, a hidden extra ink reservoir, the Auretta student pen, and the Hastil, each of which broke new design ground. In 1982, their innovation was the Marco Polo and the Magellano, slim cartridge filling pens of similar design, in a variety of finishes and quality levels. Their nibs are very similar to 88 nibs in appearance, but with less flex. In the modern era, Aurora brought out the Optima, and a modern version of the 88, very attractive pens, easy to use and maintain.

About This Pen

The Duo Cart was produced by Aurora in 1954 as a means of combating the rise of ballpoint pens, a budget level 88. It was Italy’s first cartridge filler and first pen made of extruded plastic, so has no o-rings or moving parts. Indeed, its name reminds one that two of the original cartridges fit in the barrel! In dove grey plastic, this pen is generally clean and shiny, with some spotty wear to the chrome trim. The section shows Aurora’s imprint.  Aurora made some inexpensive pens, but not bad pens. True to form, this Duocart has Aurora’s wonderful semi-hooded nib, which writes a wet fine/medium, firm without being stiff. An original cartridge not having been found (although the search continues…), this pen comes with an altered cartridge from a different brand. It also functions well as an eyedropper with its high threaded section and near-absence of metal inside the barrel. It was designed to be a budget pen, so is presented here as a Bargain.

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