Aurora 88

About This Model

The Aurora 88 model line is one of the more reliable and elegant fountain pens ever made. It heralded the reawakening of the Italian fountain pen industry after WWII, its design inspired by the Parker 51 in so many pockets of American soldiers in Italy for the reconstruction of Europe. However closely they resembled 51s with their gold cap over a black barrel/hood instead of a traditional gripping section and partially hooded nib, under the surface lay an all-Italian piston mechanism and workmanship.  And, as Parker issued 51s in gold and Lustroloy caps, Aurora did as well it the 88, adding the cap called Nikargenta, a silver/nickel alloy. The Nikargenta caps have not held up as well as Parker's Lustroloy; many are pitted today. The original 88, according to research by Jacobini and others, sold from 1948 until it was succeeded by the 88K in 1953 and the 88P in 1958, some 3 million sold pens later. The 88 line was one of very few pens that carried a serial number, which recent research has pinned down to years of manufacture and made it possible to identify each pen's age. 88s were sold until the 1970s, and are generally regarded as the most sold Italian fountain pen. In modern years, after 2005, Aurora began reissuing the 88, in an all-resin-bodied pen, with, after 2015, a wide variety of nibs.

About This Pen

This Aurora 88 holds serial number 763138, which puts its manufacture around the end of 1948 or early 1949, if the research on dating 88 family pens is accurate. It is in beautiful, but not perfect condition. The black celluloid body is clean, showing only two parallel 4.75mm long scratches that one suspects were mounting points for a commemorative plate of some kind. They are hard to see if the light is not directly focused on them. The gold plated cap is unusually clean, with only a few miniscule pits and dents, seen only under close inspection. The imprint and serial number on the gripping section are both clean and easily read. The ink view window is clear and unstained.  This pen’s piston is strong and it fills well. The nib is a fine with substantial flex, difficult for an overhanded lefthander to use. Aurora 88 nibs are short and tabbed to their feeds; this one is missing one of its two tabs (a wear issue seen relatively often). It is mounted securely and is not believed to create any writing issues. It’s a good one…please treat it to a case to protect the finish on the body and the cap?

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