About This Pen

This pen is an American brand fountain pen. Assuming this is an American Pen Works pen (you try researching a brand called American…), it was made in Chicago in the 1930s, a classic third tier pen. It is a lever-filled pen, in red and white marbled celluloid. It’s in pretty good shape, with no outstanding scratches, nicks, or nibbles. It has interesting matching green crown and tassies, with a very thin ivory colored ring between the green and the barrel/cap color. Its trim is in very nice condition, with a chrome clip marked “American” in block capital letters and a gold-colored cap band and lever. Its nib is a large Durium No.8, a tipless spoon nib often seen in Kahn and National branded pens. The pen has longer than normal tines, so writes with some line variation between fine and medium. A nice pen with low aspirations, enjoy it!

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