About This Model

What is a Wilrite?  Wilrite pens were made during the 1920’s in New York City, probably among the other similar small companies on Lafayette St. Like so many other small manufacturers, it disappeared by the 1930’s, a victim of the Depression.  Wilrite sold inexpensive pens that were better made than much of their competition but were made to appear much nicer: ornate gold-plated overlays with almost whimsical patterning over colored plastic, chased black and red rippled celluloid that looked like hard rubber. Interesting pens, always a pleasant surprise to see one.

About This Pen

This is an elegant little pen, barely 3 7/8” long capped, its gold overlay and engraved pattern quite thick and complete throughout, and marked “1/40 – 14kt”. The black celluloid underneath is complete and intact. The sac nipple was repaired, but this is not visible under the sac and does not affect performance. The nib is marked “Warranted 14K, 4”, the “4” denoting its size, and it writes a smooth, wet medium line with some flex.  $48

This pen is not for sale.