About This Model

What is a Wilrite?  Wilrite pens were made during the 1920’s in New York City, probably among the other similar small companies on Lafayette St. Like so many other small manufacturers, it disappeared by the 1930’s, a victim of the Depression.  Wilrite sold inexpensive pens that were better made than much of their competition but were made to appear much nicer: ornate gold-plated overlays with almost whimsical patterning over colored plastic, chased black and red rippled celluloid that looked like hard rubber. Interesting pens, always a pleasant surprise to see one.

About This Pen

This Wilrite has the gold-filled overlay over bright yellow celluloid. The gold overlay is complete and very clean (the yellow of the pen makes the gold overlay look silver in the photograph). The yellow celluloid shows some wear, but it is intact and complete. In addition, there is a small green end plug, most likely also celluloid. There is a smallish dent in the metal under the left top of the lever. Curiously, this pen carries a tiny Peter Pan nib, which, if it is the original nib, to pen people means a connection with the Salz Pen Company.  Although Salz was also a New York City company at that time, it was in a different neighborhood and available research does not show a connection with the Lafayette Street companies. However the Peter Pan got in this pen, it writes a nice fine/medium line with a little flex, an enjoyable little writer.

This pen is not for sale.