Waterman Skywriter

About This Model

Although Skywriter was a name used by Waterman’s three times since the 1930s, its best known use was in pens issued from 1950-53. These were entry-level pens, built to compete with Esterbrook J’s and lower level Sheaffers. They had plastic bodies and metallic caps, inexpensive construction, classic Waterman’s box levers, and Waterman’s nibs. Like all Waterman’s, even their minor pens, these are very nice writers.

About This Pen

As seen in the Skywriter model description, this is the second interation of the Skywriter. It is in very clean black plastic and with a chrome cap. The pen is surprisingly handsome, unmarked, bright and shiny. The imprint is deep and complete, the chrome unmarked, the Waterman’s lever box firm and unbent. The chrome cap is layered over thin brass-appearing metal to give it strength. As is often seen in post-WWII lower level Waterman’s pens, it is a delightful writer! The steel nib is wonderfully wet and fine, a fast writer. A really good pen for a bag or briefcase.

Price: $50