WASP Clipper

About This Model

At different points in their histories, the major pen manufacturers operated secondary, “off-brand” divisions that produced pens with different names. This was particularly true during the 1930s, when operating margins were especially thin and cost savings needed, but the companies did not want to lose production or make compromises with their major lines.
Sheaffer had several such divisions, one of which was called WASP, for Walter A. Sheaffer Pens. WASP’s major product was the WASP pens, and they appeared from 1936-probably 1941 in a welter of lines, appearances, and plastics. The major WASP line was The Clippers, named for the first public air transport, which opened in 1936.
The Clippers were generally solid pens, well-made, wrote well.

About This Pen

The Clipper (“The” always included) was WASP’s major line in the late 1930s. They appeared in numerous styles, including the Lahn colors, a chaotic pattern called Birdseye, and one that resembled a circuit board. This pen, in Lahn Brown, features gold basketweave threads in brown clear celluloid. It is a very handsome pen that was copied by others soon after but without Sheaffer’s subtlety. It is full-size, just short of 5″ long capped and 1/2″ across just below the cap edge. The pen cleaned up very nicely, with no significant scratches or nicks; the barrel and cap, peaked black crown and tassie, are all very clean and shiny. The gold-plated trim is also quite clean, with no pitting. The imprint (THE CLIPPER, WASP Pen Co.), is complete and legible. The nib is by WASP, and writes a fast fine line, typical Sheaffer feel. A special, fun pen, will write well forever, doesn’t need special care or handling.

This pen is not for sale.