Wahl-Eversharp Decoband

About This Model

The Wahl-Eversharp Personal Point line appeared in 1929, featuring one of very few successful examples of interchangeable nib units and a wide range of nib sizes. These were handsome pens, in bright colors and patterns. Wahl was fighting its way into the top tier of pen sales during those years, having moved to celluloid late. This series did not last long, as the new Doric line appeared in 1932 to replace it.

About This Pen

The Decoband was Wahl’s flagship model for 1929-30. These were the largest of the Personal Point line, measuring a full 5¼” long capped and almost a half inch wide just below the cap. This pen fits its flagship role in black and pearl: it has three gold cap rings, the center ¼” wide plus matching crown and base caps in black celluloid set off by gold rings. The Wahl Gold Seal is above the cap, surely intended to be readily visible in an executive’s jacket pocket. It is in fine condition, having received repairs to two cracks (these are now sealed, filled and stable). The large Gold Seal nib is firm, fine, and a bit dry, as was the style then. The Personal Point nib unit does easily unscrew if the owner wants to insert a different nib unit. A truly grand pen that can be used with assurance.

This pen is not for sale.