Tibaldi Trasparente

late 1940s
About This Model

Tibaldi was one of the oldest fountain pen manufacturers in Italy, having started in Florence in 1916. They made elegant, top quality pens until after WWII, using beautiful marbled and Vacumatic-like patterns. Their top lines, the Infrangibles and Lussos, were truly elegant button fillers in the 1930s and available in many colors and patterns with gold trim. Later, their Impero series had two model lines, of which one is seen today, the Trasparentes, which featured pistons and long transparent barrels in a thin Vacumatic pattern. Trasparentes survived into the 1950s, when numerous other, lower-quality models were produced to survive. Tibaldi shut its doors in the 1960s.

About This Pen

A Tibaldi Trasparente from 1945-50 in Florence, this pen is in black celluloid, with one-third of its barrel transparent through delicate horizontal lines. It has probably never been filled with ink (per the previous owner), but has been tested and recently restored. It is without flaw. Its long-tined nib is classically Italian flexible, so needs a delicate motion.  A very special pen.

This pen is in the Europe, Britain, Asia collection.