About This Pen

Although I was able to find two similar pens on offer in Italy by a seller/friend, he knew nothing about them. This is a substantial, handsome, elegant pen at 13.8cm long capped, in black and darker pearl celluloid in a marbled pattern. It is very clean and shiny, no scratches of note, and the gold trim is solid and clean.  The button filler is firm and fills well. The imprint reads “Stilan”, with quote marks (often seen with Italian vintage pens), and is complete. The section is tapered with grip threads, an unusual feature. The nib is plated, shows some plate loss, and is engraved with “A.B.T” and and “Osmit”, the latter presumably referring to the tip alloy. It writes a full wet fine, with some flex. A case is recommended to protect its very fine finish.

This pen is not for sale.