Tim's Collection


China, 1960s. In black celluloid, unremarkable appearance; this button-filled pen is a curiosity since it was made during the Cultural Revolution in China. Believed to be mint.

Matador 811 Express

Germany, 1930s. Black celluloid, piston-filler. Original gold nib. Matador had less fame than Montblanc and Pelikan, but its pens were top quality.

Miller 662

Sweden, late 1930s. Little is known about Millers. They were related to Towers, a Soennecken sub-brand from WWII, when Soennecken operated a plant in Denmark. They carry Soennecken-like designs on their cap bands. It’s a handsome pen with clear top quality German origins. Celluloid, f/m gold nib, button filler.

Montblanc Meisterst├╝ck 149

West Germany, 1969-70. My second fountain pen, this 149 was a 1970 high school graduation present from my parents. It is marked “Germany”, without the “West” because it was made for domestic use. It has seen almost continuous use since, although limited to desk use since a street fall in 1995 chipped the cap. This pen has never been serviced, except for a full flushing after each fill. Black resin with gold trim. Piston filler.

NoName “French”

Probably France, 1930s-early 1940s. The pen has been hanging around the shop for more than 10 years, looking nice and typically prewar French. However, not having valid identification, it had to stay. Truth is I just like it, and in a personal collection, that is sufficient cause to stay.

OMAS Italia 90

Italy, 1990. The Omas Italia 90 Special Edition Fountain Pen was designed to commemorate the World Cup Championships held in Italy in 1990. One of the first special edition pens produced by OMAS, limited to collectors, World Cup Officials and players in token of appreciation. The green resin is meant to recall the playing field! It’s a wonderful writer, beautifully responsive nib.

Parker (UK) Duofold

England, 1948-52. This was actually manufactured in Denmark by Christian Olsen for Parker in England; Parker did not have sufficient capacity then. Dark blue lucite. Aluminum button filler.

Parker 51

USA, 1948. MKI, Vacumatic filler, India black, 10k gold-filled blue diamond cap with vertical chasing, B nib. This wonderful pen was a chance find at a rural auction in Wisconsin, covered in grunge.

Parker 51

USA, 1947. Mark I Vacumatic filler, cordovan brown, Lustraloy blue diamond cap.┬áThis was my late father-in-law’s daily writer through the 1950’s, and my first 51 restoration.

Parker 75

USA, 1970. Cisele, sterling silver, wet medium nib. One of the finest pens made by Parker. Unrestored, to my knowledge. A wonderful wet fine/medium writer.