Esterbrook Dip Nib Boxes and Original Dip Nib Catalog Sheet

For the calligrapher…these are two complete boxes of Esterbrook dip nibs. Both are very fine, No. 104 School Pen and No. 128 Extra Fine Elastic. There must be 50 nibs in each box, I didn’t count them. They are clearly in their original boxes, and the first box purchased also comes with a very thin folded sheet of the Esterbrook nib catalog; it was in one of the boxes. I do not know when these were made; surely before 1930.

Each box is available at $25; take both for $40.

Price: $25 SOLD

Sheaffer Fineline


Finelines were produced in the 1950s as a Sheaffer economy line, supplementing the Touchdowns and Snorkels. Fineline mechanical pencils were already successful, so this name built on the pencil’s reputation. They were plastic pens, with open or hooded steel nibs that screwed into the gripping sections and were available in a range of widths, clearly emulating Esterbrooks of the same era. This Fineline is in black, and happily it has not been heavily used, because its restoration was an adventure in recovery from deepest grunge to a pretty attractive result! The nib writes a smooth fine line. Click the title to see more details.

Price: $40 $35 SOLD

Tiffany Silver Ballpoint Pens


There isn’t a lot to say about these three Tiffany silver ballpoint pens, except that they’re elegant, well-made, and in good condition!
1. Tiffany “T”, full-size, feels very good in a larger hand and has some heft. It is made of sterling silver, has use scratching and a few spots of deep tarnish around the crown but is in very attractive condition. It has a working refill, although one can’t tell how old the refill is.
2. Tiffany “T”, “ladies” size, 10.5cm and .7cm across, a lighter pen and a nice size to be carried for occasional use. It is made of 825 grade silver, not sterling, so has a very nice shine and very little use evidence. It has a nonfunctional refill, but it will come with the pen to match with a fresh refill.
3. Tiffany, model unidentified. One has to assume this was also marketed for ladies, since it is 11cm long but only .7cm across, with no clip or ring. Both ends come to a long taper, a truly hansome design. It is in sterling, with a ringed pattern along its entire length to the last 5mm or so at crown and base. It has very little scratching, is in excellent condition. This pen also has a nonfunctional refill, but it will come with the pen to match with a fresh refill.

Price: $30 SOLD

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