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Every pen listed for sale has been disassembled, repaired as needed, thoroughly cleaned, and hand-polished. Pens with sacs receive new sacs, and all filling mechanisms are cleaned, polished, repaired, and replaced as needed. Nibs and feeds are thoroughly cleaned, flushed, and tuned to write smoothly. Additional restoration needed for a particular pen is noted in that pen’s description. I do not use any waxes or finishes, and do not touch up pen color.

Also, note that I have many more pens than those listed here; if you are seeking a particular pen or characteristic in a pen, don’t wait for that pen to appear here, let me know!

About pen photography:  I endeavor to present every pen at its best and to always point out significant flaws. Pens are brightly lit and digitally processed for accurate presentation, but pens in the images are not digitally improved. In fact, minor flaws are often magnified in the images because the pens in the larger images are significantly larger than their actual counterparts.

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To purchase or inquire about a pen, please click on the Contact page above and send me a note. Members of the Fountain Pen Network may send a private message to member tmenyc.

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Ancora Lusso 87


This Ancora Lusso 87 has the fine Italian pen’s classic 1940’s appearance: black body with wonderful striped or basketweave transparency, simple gold trim, piston fillers. At 13.5cm long capped, it’s a little shorter than the Tabo and Tibaldi in my collection, but with similar appearance. This special pen has been used very lightly over its 70+ years: the body is unmarked, the transparency complete and strikingly visible. The imprint is complete if thin, and the model designation is clearly seen in the base of the design. The cork did not need replacement, but it was revivified, and holds well. The nib is surely the original Ancora 585, and it writes as one would expect: soft, elegant, fine with a touch of flex. It also writes fast, with shading. This is an elegant pen in wonderful condition.

Price: $295

Dickinson Croxley


This Croxley is deep red celluloid with pink marbling and 14k gold trim. Although a lever-filler, it resembled a 1930’s Parker Duofold, with its black derby crown and arrow clip. It is full-sized, at 12.7cm long capped and 1.1cm across just south of the cap edge. The pne is in very nice condition, but shows some evidence of age and wear. The gold trim is missing plate along the high points on the clip and the cap ring. The imprint is complete, with “The Croxley Pen, a Dickinson Product, Great Britain.” The nib is imprinted with “A Dickinson Product” and is gold. If its looks weren’t enough, the wonder of this pen is its nib, which is a mild stub and (even for me) writes a beautiful, wet very broad line. Be sure to use this pen near your ink bottle, you’ll need it.

Price: $145

Eversharp Skyline


This Skyline is a Standard, from 1946-48, in black. The Standards are a full 5 ¼” long and just less than ½” wide at the cap lip, with an all-black barrel and cap and gold trim. The Skylines are business pens, often with very fine, firm nibs that were named “manifold”, for pushing through carbon copies. This is such a pen, for the person who needs a very fine, precise nib. The pen is in very good condition, but shows a little wear that is consonant with the softer polystyrene plastic Eversharp used. The trim is very clean and the often worn derby is unmarked.

Price: $75



Gaylords are not described anywhere in the available literature. However, it’s a large pen, 5 ½” long capped and just over .5” thick below the cap, and it is well balanced and does not feel heavy in the hand. It is very clean and shiny; there are no disfiguring scratches or nicks. The Gaylord script imprint is complete and clear, and the floral clip imprint is very clear. There is a bit of missing plate from the clip. This pen does not have its original nib, but the Eversharp 14K nib it came with is most likely a huge improvement over whatever it had originally; it writes a full wet medium with a hint of line variation.

Price: $110 $95



This Ink-O-Graph is from the late 1920’s-1930’s. It is a full-size stylographic pen, 4.5″ long and .4″ across the barrel, in black. It appears to be made of bakelite, a heavier plastic than earlier celluloid. This is a lever-filler, and it fills well. The wire is appropriately loose, and ink flows well when writing vertically. The cap and barrel show some wear, consistent with the pen’s age, but there are no large nicks or deep scratches. The chrome clip and lever are not tarnished and the chrome plate is complete. Curiously, the cap ring is a gold color that is not shiny but also does not appear to be tarnished. The imprint is very deep and easily read; bakelite does not imprint lightly. A fun and unusual pen to own, particularly for precise writing. Give it wet ink and flush well between fills.

Price: $69

Montegrappa Symphony Brier Fountain Pen


The Symphony Brier fountain pen is actually made from a type of briar, from the Erica tree root, a species of heather found in the Mediterranean climate. The root, according to Montegrappa, is harvested when it is 30-60 years old and then dried for months, yielding a beautiful and very hard wood. It is filled with a modern piston/converter. The nib is probably rhodium plated. It writes a full wet medium, with some softness. This pen has had a stabilizing repair to the inner cap, but is otherwise in excellent condition. The trim is all silver, and without marks or blemish. An understated, truly elegant pen. The pen comes with its original box.

Note: A matching Brier rollerball, was sent to the Montegrappa factory for repairs. It will be available as soon as it returns. If you are interested in purchasing both of the Briers as a set, an increased discount will be available.

Price: $425 $375

Montegrappa Symphony Fountain Pen


The Symphony celluloid fountain pen marked a return to celluloid for Montegrappa in its fine pens. This is a very substantial pen, 13.8cm long and 1.3cm across below the cap ring. It is streaked dark turquoise, with some iridescence in the celluloid. The pen fills with a modern piston/converter. It is in excellent condition. The nib is a very soft medium that was just refurbished by nibmeister Joshua Lax. This fountain pen is stunning, perhaps not fully justified in the photographs. It comes in its original box.

Price: $395 $340

Parker 51


This Parker 51 is an especially nice example of a 1951 Aerometric-filling pen. It is a demi-size pen, in black with a 1/10 12K gold-filled cap of the later long vertical lines style. The demis are scaled down 51s but not small pens: they are very comfortable in the hand. It is in very shiny condition, showing very little wear. This is an outstanding writer, full medium line. It has a professional personalization, for Robert E. Kemp.

Price: $120

Parker 51


The dark blue Parker 51 is from 1948, the first year of the MKII Aerometric filler. The “Made in USA 8” imprint is quite clear. It is a very nice user pen, with some scratches that did not polish out, but the Lustraloy cap is wonderfully shiny. This pen’s only flaw, and the cause of its lower price, is that the aerometric filling unit is quite worn for some reason. That doesn’t show, however… The nib is Octanium, and writes a very fast and smooth fine.

Price: $80 SOLD

Parker 51


This 51 Demi is from 1948, the first year of the MKII, or Aerometric filling, 51’s. It is in excellent condition, its Cocoa barrel and hood showing almost no wear. The Demi 51’s are not small pens, they are full- sized 51’s that are scaled down .15″ in cap length and .4″ in overall length. They fit very well in a smaller hand as well as a larger hand. The imprint is “made in USA 8”, without the Parker 51 brand. The cap is stainless steel, called Lustraloy, with a plain cap ring. The cap is unmarked and without dents. The nib is Octanium, and writes an exceptionally smooth and wet bold line.

Price: $110

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