Sheaffer Balance


This is a typical smaller Balance — short and slender, in Grey Pearl, 1936-41, 500 price code. It’s in unmarked condition, except for some completely predictable corrosion in the nickel trim on clip and lever. There is an almost unstained view window, a favorite feature of these Balances. The cap ring is professionally initialed, and there is no corrosion there, leading one to suspect it was a jeweler’s workmanship and made of better metal. The nib is a delightful fast writer, full fine, not completely firm, has a bit of shading in the line, and is wet enough. This is a perfect “carry” pen to keep in a case: note that its cap threads don’t hold securely so don’t trust it to a shirt or jacket pocket.


Price: $45

Sheaffer Ringtop Pencil


Starting in 1929, Sheaffer produced very short ringtop pencils, in black, Black and Pearl, and Jade radite, to provide ladies with a sturdy and attractive pencil to hang around their necks. This example, in Black and Pearl, is a touch less than 2.5″ long but almost .5″ wide at its widest to enable grip. It is unblemished, probably unused, and still stickered! Yes, it can be written with, carried in a bag or pocket, or become part of a Sheaffer collection. A special item, for sure.
Note: this pencil is $25 if purchased with any Sheaffer in For Sale.


Price: $55

Sheaffer School pens

This listing exemplifies Clearance: they’re fountain pens, they write pretty well, they deserve new careers, but pricing at the For Sale, or even the Bargain, level can’t be justified.
These are two Sheaffer school pens, model unknown. The barrels are clear plastic, the gripping section black plastic. The caps are well worn chromed metal. The nibs on both are Sheaffer 304, and both write a wet enough fine line. These need Sheaffer cartridges; an empty cartridge will be included with each.
Each pen is $15 alone; get both for $25.

Price: $15

Sheaffer Tuckaway Pencil

late 1940s

This is a Tuckaway pencil, probably sold in a set with a fountain pen. It is the earlier version, probably from the early war years, in standard Tuckaway length of 4.2”. It has a 7/8” broad barrel ring; the ring is in silver that looks and polishes like sterling but is not hallmarked. The celluloid is marine green, and there are no significant scratches or marks. The mechanism works well. An elegant and practical pencil that won’t be a cause of worry in any pocket. Click the title to see more details.

Price: $45

Two 19th Century Nib Holders


These are two nib holders, for dip nibs, from the late 1880s until the early 1900s. Both are mother-of-pearl fit into a gold nib holder. The first is 5.25″ long, with raised points at regular intervals. The second is 4.25″ long, having lost its tip at some point in the past hundred twenty years; it is smooth. Both holders do not show any branding or hallmarks, but are stamped with a fine gothic pattern. In the absence of hallmarks, one should assume they are plated. The nib holders are standard curved nib clips, so should fit almost any dip nib.
They come with a contemporaneous pen case, in good condition. It is wood, covered in satin inside and black leather-like fabric outside. Both hooks are intact and hold well. The satin interior is not soiled, although it shows its age.

Price: $75

Unbranded Desk Base


This desk base is unbranded, but it is really interesting. It is round, 4″ diameter, in white marble. It has its own inkwell, a cube of glass or crystal with a conical well cut into the top. Over the cube is a black, probably glass lid on a copper hinge, and the well sits in a copper base. The trumpet is of black hard rubber; it did not fit any desk pen I have. The trumpet is inset securely into a brass base, and is a bit broader than any desk pen I have. One has to believe this base predates self-filling fountain pens to be carrying its own inkwell, but it is not found in any catalog I have access to. The marble base is off-white, with no discoloration or chipping. The felt cover underneath is intact. Take it home please?

Price: $50

Wahl Midget Pencil

The Wahl Midget was available throughout most of the 1920s and well into the 1930s, with a propel-only mechanism that works fine, needs the old 1.18mm lead, looks fantastic. The gold filled metal is intact, in Colonial design, with a signature box already engraved with the Hanlin Chinese design. This pencil is just over 3″ long and 0.3″ wide, so is not for long writing…but perfect for the quick note and with intact ringtop for hanging from an ID band!

Price: $35

Walnut Pen Base with Two Pens

This is a handsome walnut desk pen base from the 1980s, with a laser-cut image of a ship at sea. It comes with a Cross Classic clone ballpoint pen and pencil set in gold plate. The set is in brand-new condition, really quite handsome; the fittings are brass. If you choose to match this with the Cross set listed below in Clearance, additional discounts will be provided. Note that this item will be shipped priority because of its weight.
dimensions: 9″ long, 3.5″ wide, 3/4″ high.

Price: $50 $30



This is a very attractive and shiny little 1930s Waltham, 3½” long and ⅜” wide, in yellow and gold celluloid, a lever-filler with gold-tone trim. The celluloid barrel and cap both end with a budget pen’s integral dome in the celluloid. Pretty as it is, this pen isn’t flawless: there is a little cracking in the cap edge, and a little swelling around the lever; both of these are to be expected in pens of this vintage and manufacturing cost level, and they don’t affect functionality. Yes, you’ll probably want to post this pen to write with it, but don’t jam the cap on. Its nib is a Duo Way Tip, and it’s untipped. The nib imprint also says “14k gold plated”, but the plate is gone. The nib writes well, if a little wonky, and it’s a fine. Enjoy it!


Price: $45 $40

Waterman Skywriter


As seen in the Skywriter model description, this is the second interation of the Skywriter. It is in very clean black plastic and with a chrome cap. The pen is surprisingly handsome, unmarked, bright and shiny. The imprint is deep and complete, the chrome unmarked, the Waterman’s lever box firm and unbent. The chrome cap is layered over thin brass-appearing metal to give it strength. As is often seen in post-WWII lower level Waterman’s pens, it is a delightful writer! The steel nib is wonderfully wet and fine, a fast writer. A really good pen for a bag or briefcase.


Price: $50 $45

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