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Cross Desk Set


This is a very handsome NOS Cross double ballpoint/pencil desk set. In unused condition, it includes a base in “walnut finish” (its composition is unknown, but appears to be processed wood), two brass trumpets, working 10k gold filled Cross Century ballpoint and mechanical pencil, and a little gold placard for engraving. It comes in the original packaging. Note that the outer box has some wear, but no wears shows inside. Dating Cross pens is very difficult, because their models have been in use for many years, but I believe this set to be from the 1990s, and was made in China.


Price: $90 $60

Eversharp Desk-Pac Base


Discovering a few interesting items lurking in the shop turned up this 1950’s Eversharp Desk-Pac fountain pen base. It is in luxurious black plastic, quintessentially 50s. My parents’ 1956 Buick Special immediately came to mind. It’s in great shape, including the felt pad, which I guess was for safely locating one’s cigarette lighter? With regrets, I don’t have pens to fit, but they may turn up.

Price: $45

Faber-Castell 990 Technical Pens


For the technical writers, this is a pair of Faber-Castell 990 technical pens from the 1970s-1980s. They’re well worn, although cleaned up inside and out. Both stylographic point units were flushed, disassembled, and cleared. The pens write well. These pens DO NOT HAVE HIGGINS INK OR CARTRIDGES, which will need to be provided by the purchaser. The listing is for both pens.

Price: $25

Italian Glass Nib Dip Pen

Beautiful, gracefully swirled clear glass dip pen with a glass tip. That says it all. It writes a smooth fine to medium line, and holds about as much ink in its swirls as seen in a typical nibbed dip pen. There are no marks, scratches, or blemishes; also, no imprint. It’s known to be from Italy.

Price: $50



For those who favor “house brand” pens, Krekos were made for the S&H Kress discount department stores in the 1930s. This pen is in a Sheaffer-esque brown and white striated celluloid. The plastic gripping section could be bakelite, since the 1930s were early days for extruded plastics in consumer goods. The pen is typical “dime store” size: 4.5″ long, .5″ across. Its trim is gold-colored plate, including a cap ring with an attractive chevron pattern. The plate is worn off the clip, but it might look better for it. Both crown and base are without trim, but the ends of the celluloid pattern are very interesting. The lever has some corrosion but it strong. The nib, marked KREKO, is untipped, but the folded and rolled steel writes well, a decent fine line. If you want an attractive pen that can be carried without worry, this is your pen!


Price: $49

NoName French


Both pens are assuredly pre-WWII from their styling, from the faux basketweave/striped celluloid, from the fact that they are lever-filled. They are typical size for French pens I’ve seen, exactly 12cm long capped and .5cm across just below the cap edge, a nice size for the hand. The wrapped sheet celluloid is in surprisingly nice condition in both pens, with an all-black bottom and a stepped chrome or nickel crown. The black/white pen has an additional black point on its crown and a second cap ring; its clip has a long graceful curve with a diamond-shaped base. The gold/black pen has a single cap ring and a straight clip with a rounded hump. The trim is all in chrome, and in good condition. The nibs on both are standard French warranted steel. The green/black pen’s nib is untipped but the tip is folded into an indented pattern, and writes a wonderful, wet and full fine/medium. It shows some corrosion that was superficially removed by a prior owner. This is a sweet pen for all-purpose use except fast writing that needs quick drying. The black/white pen’s nib is also untipped, with a more traditional blade point, and it writes well underhand, is probably not recommended for an overhand writer.
Nice pens, not fragile! The green/black pen is $45 alone; the black/white pen is $50. Both are available for $75.
Green/black has sold.


Price: $50

NoName Silver Pencil


This handsome pencil is a NoName; it has no markings whatever. It is actually heavier than one would think, believed to be silver plate. There is a single indent on the nozzle that could be a jewelers mark, but it is unidentified. Its mechanism is propel-repel, and it works well. It could be from the late 1920s, probably 1930s. It is 3.5″ long and not quite .25″ thick, so good for jotting a golf score, which was probably its original intent!

Price: $35 SOLD

Parker 19 and Eversharp 10,000


Why are these Parker 19s listed with Eversharp 10,000s? Because, with some trim differences they are the same pens. Parker and Eversharp were combined operations during the early 1960s, and the 10,000′ design was brought into the twin Parker 19 and Eversharp Big E. All of these were Parker’s first plastic caps in many years, and the entire pen was made of extruded polystyrene plastic, all cartridge fillers. There are three or four different designs presented here, including the 19, Big E, 10,000, and two different Argentinian models for which model designations are not known.
Click in to see the individual pen details. Please note that these will be restored when purchased, and are priced individually.

Price: $38

Parker 45


These Parker 45s are all very similar, but with individual differences. Almost all, except one, have some of the typical shrinkage in the gripping section plastic. There are 4 different nibs: most are fine, but there is one XF, one B, and one M. All come with installed Parker aerometric fillers. They have been fully restored, polished, and tested. Click the title to see the details!
Note: additional Parker 45s, without shrinkage or other issues, are found in Tim’s Bargains.

Price: $32

Parker 51 Liquid Lead Pencil


This Liquid Lead pencil is one of the higher level models, most likely sold as part of a set with a 51 MKII fountain pen. It is in Midnight Blue, with a gold-filled 1/10 cap, and is in nearly perfect condition. I suspect it received very light use, for it looks new. The “LL” imprint is fresh and deep. This pencil does not write: if stored point-down it will write for an inch or so, and perhaps can be brought back to life, but this is intended to join a Parker collection.

Price: $25

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