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It is probable that this pen is from 1954-58, so it is a Biro, not a Mabie Todd, although there is a faint “Mabie Todd” imprint at, curiously, the base of the barrel under the cap. It is 13cm long, a lever-filler, with a green marbled plastic barrel and chased (stamped) chrome cap. The gold plated clip is riveted into the crown, and imprinted with “Blackbird”. Its probably gold-plated nib is marked “Blackbird”.  It’s a nice writer, producing a wet medium line with a touch of flex.  

Price: $40

Caran d’Ache Madison

Price: $



Price: $225

Carter’s Dip Pen


It is a dip pen, sold in the early 1950’s with a bottle of Carter’s ink, for writing cards. At 3.2″ long, this is not a serious writing pen, but it’s cute! It’s made of extruded plastic, probably polystyrene. The Signature branded nib is a 6, and is glued into the barrel.

Price: $20

Columbus Extra 38


Probably a 1950’s pen, this 38 closely resembles Columbus’ smaller celluloid models from the 1940s. It is of beautiful marbled resin, in green and black with mother-of-pearl, with gold trim. In another post-WWII touch, the piston itself ends with a plastic gasket, as seen in Pelikans, not a cork. It has a long-tined nib that writes fine/medium with a nice touch of flex and shaded line.

Price: $105



Price: $36


Price: $125



Price: $125

Conklin Endura


This Conklin Endura Junior set is from 1929 to the early 1930s, in marbled blue celluloid. Although Enduras were around for a good ten years, this one is easy to date because of the celluloid, which was all new in the late 1920s. This set is very attractive, and has received very little if any use in its 95 years. There is some characteristic darkening at the top and bottom of the barrel and perhaps a couple of small points of celluloid deterioration. The trim is clean and shiny, no missing plate. The spring-loaded clip is strong. The nib is original, and writes a firm fine line with some feedback that was typical of the era,

Price: $225

Conway Stewart “Conway”


Price: $70

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