Sheaffer Targa

About This Model

After the successes of the Imperial/PFM line of the 1960s, and facing the scourge of ballpoint pens, Sheaffer needed an all-new line in the 1970s. Its new Targa was that line. Appearing in 1976, the Targa by Sheaffer was, like several European auto models, named after the famous Targa auto races of the early 1900s. The classic Targa was the 1001, in stainless steel, with a click cap, sleek and smooth. In styling, it was futuristic, but it carried Sheaffer’s renowned diamond-shaped inlaid nib of the ’60s. For the next 23 years, Targas appeared in innumerable styles and colorings, and are still superbly constructed, durable pens today.

About This Pen

This Targa by Sheaffer (not Sheaffer Targa…) is a very nice user pen, the classic Model 1001 in brushed stainless steel. This is a “everyday carry pen”, safe, well-made, durable as can be, with Sheaffer’s inimitable inlaid nib. The cap holds well, with a firm click. The pen has some superficial wear, including some missing chrome on the clip. It is a wonderful, wet writer; its inlaid nib writes a fine line with a little softness.

This pen is not for sale.