Sheaffer NoNonsense

About This Model

The Sheaffer NoNonsense, like an Esterbrook J, is easily miscast as a junk pen, if for no other reason than they’ve always been inexpensive and seen everywhere. Indeed, the NoNonsenses have been around since 1969, in steady production for more than thirty years, and with numerous identities. They’re school pens in clear plastic, calligraphy set pens, nicer pens with gold trim, and one of the most frequently imprinted pens in corporate catalogs. All of that said, they’re great writers, very durable, without moving parts, and in bright colors. NoNonsenses have been made of extruded plastic from the outset, and filled an important role in fountain pen demand during an era when the ballpoint was taking over in schools. Today, they’re seen less often, but are readily available and always good.

About This Pen

This Sheaffer NoNonsense is a Vintage, a dressed up model with gold trim and a gold-plated nib to go with a shiny all-black exterior. A very solid pen, possibly never used, in perfect condition. This one comes with a medium nib and writes very well. It comes with an empty Sheaffer cartridge.

This pen is not for sale.