Sheaffer Fineline

About This Model

Sheaffer always appealed to a wide range of customer, so complemented its Autographs with Skripserts and Finelines, economy pens. These always looked like the top lines of the day but carried numerous compromises in manufacturing.

About This Pen

Finelines were produced in the 1950s as a Sheaffer economy line, supplementing the Touchdowns and Snorkels. Fineline mechanical pencils were already successful, so this name built on the pencil’s reputation. They were plastic pens, with open or hooded steel nibs that screwed into the gripping sections and were available in a range of widths, clearly emulating Esterbrooks of the same era. This Fineline is in black, and happily it has not been heavily used, because its restoration was an adventure in recovery from deepest grunge to a pretty attractive result! The nib writes a smooth fine line.

This pen is not for sale.