Sheaffer Balance II

About This Pen

During the 1980s-1990s, Sheaffer brought out homage models of some of their best pens, including the NoNonsense, Connaisseur, and Balance IIs. The 1998 Balance II was more than homage: it was a very well executed copy of the original 1929 Sheaffer Oversized Balance, capturing its size and feel almost exactly. Upon closer inspection, one can see that it is made of resin instead of celluloid, and of course, since it is a cartridge/converter-filled pen, there is no lever. At 5 23/32” long and 15/32” wide, it is a little longer and thinner than the original OS. This example of the Balance II appears to have received very light use. The gold-plated trim is completely unmarked, and, overall,  the pen is exceptionally clean. Its 14K gold nib, marked “Lifetime” to look like the original Lifetime nibs, writes a smooth, wet fine line; this can be a fast writer.  

This pen is not for sale.