Moore Tuscan

About This Model

Moore was one of the early fountain pen manufacturers, a major player in the early years, then less so as the “Big 4” dominated after the late 1920s.  Even as a progressively lesser brand, Moore pens were successful from the early 1900s until the 1940s. They pioneered some designs in safety pens, and their hard rubber pens were very nice; later celluloid models were too often quite pedestrian. Unable to do more than follow industry trends and keep up with the leaders, Moore always produced good quality but faded as a brand. Moore's post-WWII Fingertip model was truly creative, but too late. Moore survived until the late 1950s.

About This Pen

Two consecutive updates with oversized Moores! Here’s another one, this time a Tuscan. From 1926, the L-96 Tuscans were Moore’s largest Tuscans, 5.7” long capped. This pen is in the unique Tuscan color, a deep orange-red. Its section is black, and the black is repeated in the two cap rings and the crown, which were stacked atop the cap, a patented Moore innovation. The pen is in excellent condition, retaining only the lightest of micro-wear; this pen has been used and carried. The gold trim is perfect. Its crown shows what is believed to be its date of manufacture, “3-23-26”, in a very faint imprint. The base of the barrel shows the L-96 model imprint more deeply. The pen’s imprint l”Lever Self-Filling” “THE MOORE PEN CO.” “BOSTON MASS. U.S.A.” is deep and complete. This pen has a very large gold nib, marked “The Moore Pen 6”. Although marked 6, one would otherwise think it is an 8. It writes an elegant wet fine to medium, with a bit of flex. This is a pen looking to join a Moore collection.

This pen is not for sale.