About This Model

Majestic fountain pens were produced by the J. Harris & Son company, which also produced a variety of other inexpensive, third tier brands that have long disappeared. I have restored at least several Majestics over the years, and while they perhaps don’t fully earn their name, they have generally been solid quality, with trim and components that are often of better quality than one often sees in the classic third tier pens.  

About This Pen

This Majestic (model names do not appear to exist…) is a very nice example.  In green celluloid with a snakeskin pattern spiraling up the barrel and cap, clear evidence that Majestics were made of rolled celluloid sheet.  The cap has five rings of metal, surprisingly all intact, and the clip is imprinted with the brand name. There is a small bit of swelling around the lever, but all of the trim is clean and tarnish-free. Overall, the pen polished up very nicely. The nib is Majestic branded, steel, and it writes a wet fine line. This is another pen one can carry in a bag without fear of damage.

This pen is not for sale.