Mabie Todd “Swan”

About This Model

Mabie Todd was one of the oldest manufacturers of fountain pens, having started in the 1860’s in New York with pen holders and pencil cases. Their first true Swan fountain pen was brought out in 1884, featuring a nib with an over-under feed and ink feed via a twisted silver wire. British production began in 1907, and it soon far outgrew American results. Soon Swans became, with Conway Stewarts, top selling English fountain pens, with Leverless and Selfiller models following throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s. Swan declined after WWII, and finally disappeared in the late 1950’s.

About This Pen

This is a sweet little Swan ringtop, in gold-plate with a fleur-de-lis pattern engraved in the gold.  It is imprinted with the initials “EMM” in a 1920s decorative serif pattern. It’s a smaller pen, at 3 13/16” long capped and 5/16” inch thick, complete with ring and clasp. Its barrel is imprinted, near the bottom and perpendicular to the pen, with “Swan Pen” Mabie Todd & Co. New York, and Made in USA in a second line. I can’t tell if the overlay is gold-plate or brass; the section is BHR. The pen is in very nice condition: no dents, but a little tarnish is evident on the top and bottom edges. Its nib is marked “Mabie Todd & Co. N.Y.” and is marked “2’. It is a flex nib, wet and smooth, but not a “wet noodle.”

This pen is not for sale.