Lamy 2000

About This Pen

Lamy, one of Germany’s major fountain pen manufacturers since the 1930s, has focused on fine engineering and durability as its hallmark, and nothing it has produces has verified that more than the Lamy 2000, which has been in steady production since 1966, with a couple of variations but largely the same. With the Parker 51, it generally fits every common definition of an iconic pen. Made of a micarta with the trade name Makrolon, with brushed steel accents and a partially hooded steel nib, this is a piston-filled pen.  In addition to the special design elements, this pen just feels different from every other pen:  the brushed steel is cool to the touch, the cap clutch points keep the pen from slipping but aren’t sharp, the micarta body is not smooth but has a texture.  It is, simply put, a special pen.  Because the design has not changed, one can’t tell when this pen was made; probably late 2000s. It was recently given to me by a pen friend, and instantly joined my core pen group.

This pen is not for sale.