Diamond Point

About This Pen

This is a Diamond Point, has the appearance of a 1940s pen, in marbled blue celluloid. It has the later Diamond Point imprinted clip, with the name printed lengthwise across both sides of the clip’s center ridge. This is a very pretty pen, with what appears to be decades of shelf and box wear, most of which was removed, but no use wear. The view window is an extension of the gripping section, which is made of extruded plastic and is completely clear and clean. The pen has a slender appearance, a straight cylinder just under 5″ long capped and just over .25″ wide below the cap edge. The trim shows its history as a cost-saver: gold metal plated without crown or tassie trim. It carries an interesting nib — marked “New Diamond Deluxe”; the slit and tip are adorned by engraved lines to create the appearance of a feather. The nib also shows no wear, and writes a smooth wet fine/medium line. A pretty pen that can be enjoyed without worry.

Price: $48 Sold