Conway Stewart 236

About This Model

Conway Stewart was a major manufacturer of good to great fountain pens in England for a hundred years, from 1905-2005. During the pre-WWII years they sold far more pens than any other brand in England; one major author believes more than all the other companies’ output combined. They were very well-made, good-looking, and great writers with soft, wet, and often flexible nibs. It is interesting that they produced a bewildering quantity of models and colors, including some bright floral patterns in casein during the pre-WWII shortage years.

About This Pen

England, 1930-38. The 236 was a workingman’s pen in a country and time that celebrated the distinction, a very popular and inexpensive model. It is dark blue/black marbled celluloid, original soft CS 5 nib, lever filler.

This pen is not for sale.