Caran d’Ache Madison

About This Model

Caran d’Ache is a Swiss company that has made writing supplies and very fine mechanical pencils for more than 100 years, although it didn’t produce fountain pens until the 1970s. Their historical information is not highly detailed, but their output has been continuously elegant and excellent.

About This Pen

This is a pair of strikingly beautiful and elegant Caran d’Ache Madison fountain pens, from the 1970-80s. They are both 13.8cm (5.4”) long and 1cm (.35”) thick, slender but full length, exceptionally well balanced even though they’re slim. Crown and tassie are both plain gold plate, inserted domes. No cap rings, just solid plating at the very bottom of the cap and the top of barrel to match. The clips are the classic Caran d’Ache sword. The section is black resin. These pens have received very light use and show no evidence of use. There is a tiny imprint on both pens at the section end of the barrel that reads “Caran d’Ache Swiss Gold-Plate”.
One of the pens has a grouped vertical engraved lines pattern, matching and continuous from barrel to cap. Its tabbed nib is marked “Caran d’Ache Swiss 14K 585” and writes a wet full medium. It has a Caran d’Ache aerometric filling unit.
The other pen is in a cisele pattern. Its tabbed nib says Caran d’Ache 14k 585 M, and writes a fast wet medium, perhaps not as full as the lined body pen. This pen has a Caran d’Ache branded converter. Both pens are elegant and beautiful, would make wonderful holiday presents.
The listed price is for either pen; buy both for $250. The cisele pen has been sold.

Price: $145