Bayard Excelsior 540

early 1940s
About This Pen

Excelsiors were a very successful midrange model for Bayard during the WWII years, and they came in several varieties, of which the 540 appears to be the one seen most often today. Of black celluloid with silver trim, this pen is a typical French size, 4 3/4” long with full girth. The nib is gold, marked Excelsior, with the Bayard PF/crossed nibs insignia; it writes a typical medium line that is a bit wet and soft. This particular pen’s clip and lever are both in the “bowtie” style; others I’ve seen have one or the other but not both. User pen, with some typical swelling around the lever area.  The imprint is faint but complete; it is interesting to note that this Excelsior, unlike the almost identical one in my collection, does not have Bayard printed in its imprint.

This pen is not for sale.