United States and Canada

These are the pens in my collection that were made in the USA or Canada. Except where noted, pens are my restorations.

Esterbrook Dollar


Black celluloid, wartime bandless Dollar. Lever filler. USA 1941-44.

Esterbrook Dollar


Copper marbled celluloid Dollar, lever filler. USA, 1939-41.

Esterbrook SJ


This pen is a SJ in brown marbled celluloid, lever filler, 1950’s, from USA. Frequent home desk pen.

Parker 51


MKI, vacumatic filler, India black, 10k gold-filled blue diamond cap with vertical chasing, B nib. This wonderful pen was a chance find at a rural auction. Dated 1948, made in USA.

Parker 51


Mark I Vacumatic filler, cordovan brown, Lustraloy blue diamond cap, Canada-made, 1947. ¬†This was my late father-in-law’s daily writer through the 1950’s, and my first 51 restoration.

Parker 75


Cisele, sterling silver. Medium nib. USA-made, 1970 series, with dished cap. Unrestored, to my knowledge.

Parker Duofold

late 1930s

Late 1930’s standard Duofold, with Challenger Deluxe cap; I call it my “Duollenger”. And no, even though there are DuoVacs, there really aren’t any Duollengers. The fitting mismatched cap is a testament to Parker’s quality control. USA-made.

Parker Duofold

late 1930s

This Duofold, from the late 1930s, in marbled brown and burgundy.¬† One of very few pens in my collection that I did not restore, it was a purchase from restorer Wesley Mattingly. Its nib is firm, athough not a roofing nail, and the pen’s dimensions are perfect for me.

Parker Duofold


A Vest Pocket Duofold in black. An endearing oddity of this pen is that the date code is stamped upside down…made too soon after lunch, perhaps?

Parker Lucky Curve


A later Lucky Curve in Jade. Sure it’s discolored, but it’s mine…