JJ Lax Pen Co

I won’t do this often, but my Thought with this update is a plug for JJ Lax Pen Co. Joshua Lax, a friend here in New York, and I started doing pen work around the same time, each in his own direction. Happily for me, Joshua’s main interest grew into nib repair and customization. He has studied under Richard Binder, and now performs a wide variety of customizations for clients. My collection includes two pens on which he has worked his magic — a French NoName pen that the best of my efforts just could not get to work right, and a Kaweco Sport Classic that now has a needlepoint.
Why am I using this space to advertise Joshua’s nib work? Answering your questions…more and more people are asking for advanced nib repairs and customizations, especially on modern pens, and it’s important to me to steer my clients in the best directions for their needs.  Joshua, who has my full support, is available via jjlaxpenco.com .