Webster Gold Crown

1930's-mid 1940's
About This Pen

This Webster Gold Crown has resisted further identification than its partial resemblance to Webster Skyrockets from the 1940s. And, the only resemblances are in the imprint typography and the hatching on the clip. That make this pen an interesting example of a model that has disappeared, but is well-made and a good writer!
It is 5.25″ long capped, and .4″ across just south of the cap edge, so is a full sized, substantial pen. It is very attractive in black celluloid, with a half-inch high gold crown integrated with the clip, a substantial gold clip with horizontal hatching, and a matching half-inch gold tassie at the end of the barrel. Its imprint is deep and easily read, and the pen is virtually unmarked. Typically for this period, it has a clear view window that is clean and unstained. The nib is branded Webster Gold Crown, which is far from typical for this time and brand; the nib is quite long and writes a very firm extra fine line. It’s a smooth and fast writer with wet ink. Something of a mystery, but a very nice survivor.

Price: $69