Waterman’s Skywriter

About This Model

Although Skywriter was a name used by Waterman’s three times since the 1930s, its best known use was in pens issued from 1950-53. These were entry-level pens, built to compete with Esterbrook J’s and lower level Sheaffers. They had plastic bodies and metallic caps, inexpensive construction, classic Waterman’s box levers, and Waterman’s nibs. Like all Waterman’s, even their minor pens, these are very nice writers.

About This Pen

This is actually the first Skywriter I’ve seen, and it appeared in the junk-pens parts box while I was searching for something else. I saw the characteristic lever box, said “hmm…Waterman’s, looks complete” to myself, and pulled it out for further inspection. After restoration (yes, this is one of those times when the revenue:labor input relationship is deeply inverse…) a pretty nice pen had emerged from the sludge!
This Skywriter has a red plastic body and ribbed chrome cap, which restored to a surprisingly clean finish. There are no blemishes or scratches; this is pretty soft plastic, so it will scratch easily. The nib is marked “Skywriter” and “M24”. I believe the “M” is for medium, but don’t know what the “24” means. Although it writes very well, this Skywriter probably does not have the durability of a Parker 21, Sheaffer Craftsman, or Esterbrook J, so is not an every day pen; however, it would make a valuable addition to an encyclopedic Waterman’s collection since these are only rarely seen.

Price: $49