About This Model

After WWII until 1954, Waterman’s designed pens in America that were produced in France, and they designed and produced pens in France; it is not always clear which is which. However, it is well known that the French design of the “New Look” pen introduced in 1948 (and featured here recently) was continued throughout the 1950s in celluloid, and then through the 1960s in plastic and with some design changes. These were very good, solid pens, often a bit larger than the typical shorter French pen; strong statements by JIF that they were a big deal. JIF Waterman, like most other manufacturers, the onslaught of ballpoint pens, issuing JIF-Matics and other minor pens until the Man 100 appeared in 1983. Man 100 was its first truly elegant pen since before WWII, and it remains so today.

About This Pen

This New Look successor is a large pen, and a very large French pen. At 13.2 cm long, this is one of the statement pens. It is a 1960s model, in jet black plastic, with the typically French conical gripping section. The plastic barrel and cap are very shiny and scratch-free, although this plastic does scratch pretty easily. There is a very faint “Waterman’s” imprint, and the gold clip is also so imprinted. Its 18ct nib writes a solid fine line, firm but not too firm. Please treat this pen to a soft case to maintain its clean appearance.

This pen is not for sale.