Waterman’s 52 1/2V

About This Model

From 1917 until 1930 Waterman exhibited a modicum of consistency in numbering its models, describing a characteristic with a number in each of the pen’s number positions. Thus, the 52, the most frequently seen model family, is a 2 size nib in a lever-filled hard rubber pen. The smaller pens got Vs for pocket size and ½ for slender, and led with a 0 for gold-filled ringtops. These pens were huge sellers during the decade when Waterman’s enjoyed its leadership in pendom.

About This Pen

This little ringtop is in red hard rubber, with gold-plated lever, cap ring, and ring top. From the 1920s, it is a ladies’ pen, at 4 ½” long capped and ⅜” wide. The barrel and cap are evenly oxidized, giving the pen a pleasant red/brown appearance.  Underneath the cap, the bottom of the barrel is a bit shinier. The imprints — main Waterman’s along the barrel and secondary near the bottom, as well as on the base, are deep and complete. The nib is a Waterman’s Ideal, 2, and it writes a firm flex with good range.

This pen is not for sale.