Waterman’s 42 1/2V

About This Pen

This is a black hard rubber safety, a pen with a retractable nib. It holds its ink in the barrel, with the nib holding the ink inside when it is extended. “Safety” is a relative term; it was far cleaner than its predecessors, but this pen dates as far back as 1912, before the latex sac was introduced. The gold overlay (there is no imprint to describe the gold) is in the typical filigree pattern, and it is in virtually unblemished condition. The hard rubber helical mechanism is complete and strong, and the cork was replaced with David Nishimura’s specialty o-rings. Its Waterman’s branded nib writes a wet, moderately flexed line. A wonderful pen for a Waterman’s collector, but probably not a daily user. Protect your pockets and keep this pen on a desk or in a case.

Price: $250