Waterman’s 0552 1/2V

About This Model

From the 19-teens through the 1920s, Waterman produced a wide variety of smaller ringtop pens, designed to be held by a ribbon to a lady’s bag or worn around her neck. Waterman’s ringtops were in made in ebonite (red, black, or rippled hard rubber) and in metal overlays. They generally carried Waterman #2 nibs and wrote with flex, often full flex. The metal overlays were also available in a variety of engraved patterns, from geometric shapes to floral designs.

About This Pen

An update isn’t complete without a Waterman’s gold ringtop! This pen is in decent condition; it shows some wear, especially from posting (which is necessary), but no serious dents.The black hard rubber under the overlay is complete. The metal is in the Pansy Panel overlay pattern, and is quite nice.This pen writes a medium to broad line with moderate flex; there is some feedback.

This pen is not for sale.