Waterman’s 0552 1/2V

About This Model

From 1917 until 1930 Waterman exhibited a modicum of consistency in numbering its models, describing a characteristic with a number in each of the pen’s number positions. Thus, the 52, the most frequently seen model family, is a 2 size nib in a lever-filled hard rubber pen. The smaller pens got Vs for pocket size and ½ for slender, and led with a 0 for gold-filled ringtops. These pens were huge sellers during the decade when Waterman’s enjoyed its leadership in pendom.

About This Pen

This is a very nice example of a Waterman’s ringtop pen with full flexibility. At barely 3.5” long, it needs to be posted, and happily this one’s barrel end is chased to protect the metal from scratching. The pen is overlaid with filled gold over black hard rubber, and the overlay is in fleurs-de-lis pattern. The wonder of this pen is its nib: it writes a broad to double broad wet line, with full flex. The writing sample was created by a friend with flex nib skills.

This pen is not for sale.