Waterman Le Man 100

About This Model

The Man, or in French, Le Man series of fountain pens was produced from 1983 until 1999, a very long run that was commemorative of Waterman's first 100 years in operations. Le Man, whether 100 or the slimmer 200 produced in the mid-1980s, came in several flavors from the standard resin over brass, glossy black, chased black, and in luxe solid silver and gold models. The commemorations are noted in the cylindrical shape, the barrel rings, the V-shaped clip.
These are, in a word, outstanding pens. Their 18k gold nibs write wonderfully, and even with their substantial weight, the Man is perfectly balanced. The entire Man line used a converter filler.

About This Pen

This is a very nice example of a Man 100, in black resin. It is a substantial, but not overly large pen, 14.3cm long and 1.3cm wide just below the cap edge. This one is from the mid-1980s and has received generally light use. Although there are no significant scratches, it does show a little bit of micro-wear under close inspection. The 18K nib writes a smooth, firm fine line. The friction fit cap is quite tight, making this a very safe pen to carry in a jacket pocket or bag. This pen likes wetter inks, can run a little dry with dryer inks. It is an elegant, very solidly made pen that can take years of respectful daily use. It comes with its original box. Treat it to a pen case to protect its shiny finish.

Price: $250