Unic “His” and “Hers”

About This Pen

This is a pair of pens, not quite a set since both are fountain pens. They are by Unic, a prominent French company for many years, and were probably made in the 1950s-1960s. Both pens are of gold from blind cap to nib. A gold master’s mark is present on both, which makes me believe that the pens are 14K and possibly made by a jeweler under contract to Unic. Both pens look brand new, and appear to have not been used, although the clipped pen shows a small amount of age wear. Both have their original accordion sacs, which is how I dated them. The clipped pen is 12.2cm long, and the ringtop is 10.4cm. Both have a Unic script imprint and Unic’s branded lettering imprint on the nib. “His” writes a wet fine line with some flex to a full medium. “Hers is a bit more delicate, writing a firmer fine to a fine/medium. Although I never recommend posting a vintage pen, it is necessary with “hers”. Beautiful, unusual, elegant pens. Wedding anniversary presents, anyone? They are available individually for $130 (clipped) and $115 (ringtop), or $225 for both.
Note: all proceeds from the sale of these pens will be contributed to the Muscular Dystrophy Society, with acknowledgement of the donation to the buyer.

Price: $150 $130