Unbranded Desk Base

About This Pen

This desk base is unbranded, but it is really interesting. It is round, 4″ diameter, in white marble. It has its own inkwell, a cube of glass or crystal with a conical well cut into the top. Over the cube is a black, probably glass lid on a copper hinge, and the well sits in a copper base. The trumpet is of black hard rubber; it did not fit any desk pen I have. The trumpet is inset securely into a brass base, and is a bit broader than any desk pen I have. One has to believe this base predates self-filling fountain pens to be carrying its own inkwell, but it is not found in any catalog I have access to. The marble base is off-white, with no discoloration or chipping. The felt cover underneath is intact. Take it home please?

Price: $50