late 1930s
About This Model

Stratfords were lower quality pens from the later 1930s probably until the end of WWII, manufactured by Salz in New York City, and (with thanks to Richard Binder) often containing parts made by Wearever. Stratfords I’ve seen often have patterned crowns with a gold crown ring, like the larger Wearevers, but are otherwise plain with a single cap ring.

About This Pen

This Stratford, probably from the later 1930s, is a very pretty pen that seems to have mostly escaped the ravages of time. Its wrapped celluloid is in a snakeskin pattern in grey and silver, and with its two gold cap rings it is quite attractive. The barrel and cap are largely unmarked, very nice and shiny. There is a little spreading around the lever which does not affect the pen’s functioning. The plated trim is corroded, was only lightly polished to not remove the remaining plate. At 5⅛” long, it is a full-sized pen that feels very nice in the hand. The nib is a two-tone Durium, imprinted to note that it is warranted 14k gold plate, which to me always makes one question the warranting process. The nib writes well, though, a firm fine. It seems to want to write small letters.

This pen is not for sale.