Tim's Collection


Italy, late 1940s. Black celluloid with deep red transparency, piston filler. Long-tined semi-flexible nib. Bought to sell but couldn’t let it go.

Tibaldi Trasparente

Italy, late 1940s. In black celluloid, with one-third of its barrel completely transparent. It is without flaw, and possibly never filled. Nib is long-tined flexible. Bought to sell, but like the Tabo, couldn’t let it go.

Varuna Vishal

India, 2010. Unpolished black ebonite, from India. Eyedropper; has Edison B nib. Holds a full vial of ink but leaks that much back out after a paragraph of use, because the ebonite transfers body heat quickly. Ask me how I learned that…

Waterman Laureat

France, 1990-early 2000s. A simple, excellent modern pen. Lacquered brass. A wonderful, wet, medium writer. Present from a friend, one of my carry pens.

Waterman New Look

France, 1949. First new French Waterman-JIF production after WWII, named for Dior’s contemporaneous “New Look” couture, the first major new style in France after WWII. Deep red celluloid, first use of over-crown clip. JIF continued using this style on numerous models through the 1960s, even with the change to plastic barrels. 

Wearever Bullet

USA,1945-48. Postwar novelty, shaped like a bullet, in gold chrome. Generally crappy construction.

Wyvern Perfect No.81

England, postwar-1954. Red/brown marbled celluloid, original Wyvern nib. Lever filler. Wonderful soft and wet writer.