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Waterman Set

late 1940s

After WWII, Waterman’s days in North America were numbered. Waterman, even with its unique history, its elegant, well-made pens, and sometimes even glamorous pre-war models, could not find a way to keep up with Parker and Sheaffer or the rapidly growing ballpoint market, and the North American division was rapidly losing market share. However, a few final good models did emerge in the postwar years — in particular, the Taperites and a variety of very nice executive pens.

This set is one of those executive pen and pencil set — it does not have a known model name — in a very handsome light blue, with shiny chrome friction cap and gold trim, and it has probably never been used except for being dipped; in replacing its sac, dried ink was found in the nib and feed but not in the sac (to preserve its condition, there is no writing sample). The nib was tested with water, and writes a nice fine line. The mechanical pencil shows no evidence of prior use, and the mechanism works freely.  Both pen and pencil still retain their stamped price codes. This set comes with its probably original case.

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This Wilrite is a large pen, 5 5/16” capped and a full 1/2” thick, with stunning gold over the orange plastic. The clip and lever are firm, the gold is particularly clean. The large Fount-O-Ink nib writes a smooth, firm fine line that is typical of a 1920s pen. The sad news is that the orange plastic under the cap overlay is cracked and there is a sizeable chunk missing. The cap does thread, hold and seal, but this elegant pen’s future is on the safe space of a desk, not in a bag or pocket.

Price: $65 $55

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