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Sheaffer Balance


This is an early Sheaffer Lifetime Balance, from 1929-30, model H74TC, in marine green. It is a longer pen, at 5¾” capped, with the “humped ball” clip and flat white dot of the time. The celluloid is in excellent condition, with no apparent deterioration. The gold trim is clean; the cap ring is missing a little plating. This pen has received repairs to three small cracks at the edge of the cap; such cracking is more the norm than the exception for these early celluloid pens.  The repairs are secure and do not affect the cap threads. The imprint is complete and clear, and there is a personalized imprint for “Alvin S. Hopkins”.  $10 discount to anyone with that name! The nib is a large Lifetime, very firm and, typically fine/extra fine.

Price: $65

Sheaffer Balance

This is a late Balance, 1936-42, in its final style. A full-size lever-filled model in Jet Black, this is an Autograph model, with a 14K 5/16” wide cap ring and 14k clip.  The cap band is engraved with a very elegantly written “L Hawley”, possibly a real signature reproduced by Sheaffer’s technicians in the cap band. The pen shows its years of use, but does not have any significant flaws or deep scratches. The imprint is deep and complete. The nib is a large Lifetime EF and is, like so many from Sheaffer, very firm. Full-sized Autographs in clean condition are rarely seen.

Price: $125

Sheaffer Balance Jr.

late 1930s

This is a Balance Junior, a true Balance from the late 1930’s, but scaled down for a smaller hand.  It is termed “short/slender”, 4⅛” long capped and 27/64” across, but fits the hand very nicely.  It is in XXX striated celluloid, which is very clean, without significant blemish.  The trim is nickel, standard for the Junior, and it is pitted, which, sadly, is typical.  This is a Vac-fil model, fills by plunger, so holds a considerable amount of ink, even though it’s a smaller pen.  The nib is the original Junior, in 14K gold, and writes a smooth fine with a touch of flex.

Price: $58

Sheaffer B8c


The B8C was the mid-1920s full-sized Lifetime pen, made of chased black hard rubber, with 14K gold trim and Lifetime nib. This example is a very substantial pen, at 5 11/32” long capped and 1/2” thick. The gold trim is clean. The nib is a large gold Lifetime, with a solid feed behind it; it writes a firm fine line. For a 90-year old, this pen is in overall very nice condition. However, like most 90 year-olds, it has flaws: in this case, two barely visible, non-displaced repaired cracks in the cap edge: one is quite short and probably harmless; the other is a 1/2” curve under and beyond the cap ring that appears to be stable but should limit this pen’s travel from one’s desk. The cracks do not affect the cap’s placement or thread grip. Even with its flaws, this is a rare pen that will help complete any vintage Sheaffer collection.

Price: $125 $105

Sheaffer 46


This is a Model 46, in Coral “Radite”, Sheaffer’s proprietary celluloid. Two lines, Coral and Cherry Red, were directed at office workers and are not often seen today. This example is a handsome full-size Coral, measuring 5 5/16″ long, 13/32″ wide. This pen carries the gold 5-30 nib, which is probably original to the pen, and gold trim, all of which is clean. The celluloid is in very good condition overall, no cracks or major nicks, but an assortment of nibble marks are visible on both cap and base. Notwithstanding these marks, this is still a very fine collector’s pen that could withstand regular use.

Price: $100 $90

Sheaffer Snorkel

A periwinkle blue Snorkel Statesman  from 1952-59. This pen is a Lifetime model, with white dot, ⅜” wide 14K gold-filled cap band.  As a Statesman, it carries a two-tone Triumph conical nib. The Triumph nibs make excellent writers, smooth and a touch softer.  This one has a touch of flex as well.

Price: $59 SOLD


Although I was able to find two similar pens on offer in Italy by a seller/friend, he knew nothing about them. This is a substantial, handsome, elegant pen at 13.8cm long capped, in black and darker pearl celluloid in a marbled pattern. It is very clean and shiny, no scratches of note, and the gold trim is solid and clean.  The button filler is firm and fills well. The imprint reads “Stilan”, with quote marks (often seen with Italian vintage pens), and is complete. The section is tapered with grip threads, an unusual feature. The nib is plated, shows some plate loss, and is engraved with “A.B.T” and and “Osmit”, the latter presumably referring to the tip alloy. It writes a full wet fine, with some flex. A case is recommended to protect its very fine finish.

Price: $215 SOLD

Summit S175

late 1940s

The typical Summit is a S125, known as the workingman’s Summit; this pen is a S175, which has been described as more highly regarded than the S125, but from roughly the same time period, the late 1930’s until 1950 or so. This pen is a post WWII Mark 2 175, in thick black celluloid. It is 13 cm long, with gold trim and two black jewels, and is exceptionally clean and free of scratches and wear. The original gold nib is a firm fine/medium, but it is English, so there is some give in the nib.

Price: $105 $98

Swan Self-Filler


A particularly nice Self-Filler (which means lever-filled). It is in what Conway Stewart’s cataloguers called “russet’, with long subtle streaks of color. This pen has one cap ring and silver trim. From the post-WWII years, it is in very good condition, and carries a Swan 2 nib, silver trim. The nib writes a soft broad line, with flex.

Price: $110 SOLD



Like most Unics I’ve seen, the model designation is not known or stamped on the pen. This pen is probably from the 1960s, judging by the combination of a later plastic barrel and an earlier accordion filling mechanism. Like many French pens, it is a bit smaller at 12.7cm long capped, but it feels good in all but the largest hand. The cap and base are gold metal, and, with the shiny black barrel and section, are very clean and unmarked. The delight of this pen is its 18K gold Unic nib, which is soft and very flexible. A sweet pen, can be used steadily.

Price: $70

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