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Cross Century Ballpoints


There have been two classic (not Classic) American higher quality ballpoint pens: the Cross Century and the Parker Jotter. Since the 1960s,the Cross pens have been tightly identified with executives and their office work. My late father-in-law used Cross exclusively since they succeeded his Parker 51 fountain pens.
These two pens are typical: 10K gold-filled bodies and caps, black plastic crown, easily installed refills. One pen has a medium, the other fine, both are blue.

Price: $20

Esterbrook Dip Nib Boxes and Original Dip Nib Catalog Sheet

For the calligrapher…these are two complete boxes of Esterbrook dip nibs. Both are very fine, No. 104 School Pen and No. 128 Extra Fine Elastic. There must be 50 nibs in each box, I didn’t count them. They are clearly in their original boxes, and the first box purchased also comes with a very thin folded sheet of the Esterbrook nib catalog; it was in one of the boxes. I do not know when these were made; surely before 1930.

Each box is available at $25; take both for $40.

Price: $25 SOLD

Monteverde Artista Ballpoint


Modern ballpoint pens are not normally found on this site, but this pink Monteverde Artista Crystal is too nice to just let go. They were produced from 2013-approximately 2016 and are no longer available.
It’s a full-bodied ballpoint pen in pink clear acrylic, new and unused. It comes in its original Monteverde box, with refill installed, and under the box cover are seven additional refills in blue and black.
Enjoy it!

Price: $49

Parker 19 and Eversharp 10,000


Why are these Parker 19s listed with Eversharp 10,000s? Because, with some trim differences they are the same pens. Parker and Eversharp were combined operations during the early 1960s, and the 10,000′ design was brought into the twin Parker 19 and Eversharp Big E. All of these were Parker’s first plastic caps in many years, and the entire pen was made of extruded polystyrene plastic, all cartridge fillers. There are three or four different designs presented here, including the 19, Big E, 10,000, and two different Argentinian models for which model designations are not known.
Click in to see the individual pen details. Please note that these will be restored when purchased, and are priced individually.

Price: $38

Parker 45


These Parker 45s are all very similar, but with individual differences. Almost all, except one, have some of the typical shrinkage in the gripping section plastic. There are 4 different nibs: most are fine, but there is one XF, one B, and one M. All come with installed Parker aerometric fillers. They have been fully restored, polished, and tested. Click the title to see the details!
Note: additional Parker 45s, without shrinkage or other issues, are found in Tim’s Bargains.

Price: $32

Parker 51 Liquid Lead Pencil


This Liquid Lead pencil is one of the higher level models, most likely sold as part of a set with a 51 MKII fountain pen. It is in Midnight Blue, with a gold-filled 1/10 cap, and is in nearly perfect condition. I suspect it received very light use, for it looks new. The “LL” imprint is fresh and deep. This pencil does not write: if stored point-down it will write for an inch or so, and perhaps can be brought back to life, but this is intended to join a Parker collection.

Price: $40

Parker 51 Pencil


Parker 51 pencils were offered individually and with pens in sets, so they were made to match the pens. This pencil is from 1947-48, and can be be so identified because of its so-called “transitional” clip, the basic blue diamond that had been stripped of its blue filling. This was used after the court decree eliminated Parker’s Blue Diamond guarantee, until stock was used up. The cap is also a gold-filled “9-lines” model with the insignia blank and decorative chevron ring. It is in Nassau green, but a darker tone than is usually seen in the same color fountain pens. The pencil is in very nice condition, with no disfiguring marks, and works well. The gold cap and lead guide holder are quite elegant. Purchase with a For Sale page pen and take a 10% discount. Click the title to see more details.

Price: $55 $40

Parker Duofold


This Duofold is a Junior Streamline, in Jade Permanite, from the early 1930’s. It shows its age in discoloration but it is not at all deteriorated. The Juniors are 4.5″ long capped and .45″ across. The ebonite crown and tassie both show nicks and nibbles, but thankfully they are limited to those two places. Barrel and cap, discoloration notwithstanding, are very clean and attractive. The crown is quite discolored, but not at all deteriorated. It’s possible that the clip is from a larger Duofold; the ring at the top of the cap is a little too wide. The button is quite firm and it fills well. The gold trim is all clean and shiny. This pen’s imprint is almost gone; just enough remains to confirm its age, since Dufold imprints evolved over the model years. The nib is a typically firm fine; it writes very well with a firm and heavier hand. Click the title to see more details.

Price: $78 $49

Sheaffer Fineline


Finelines were produced in the 1950s as a Sheaffer economy line, supplementing the Touchdowns and Snorkels. Fineline mechanical pencils were already successful, so this name built on the pencil’s reputation. They were plastic pens, with open or hooded steel nibs that screwed into the gripping sections and were available in a range of widths, clearly emulating Esterbrooks of the same era. This Fineline is in black, and happily it has not been heavily used, because its restoration was an adventure in recovery from deepest grunge to a pretty attractive result! The nib writes a smooth fine line. Click the title to see more details.

Price: $40 $35 SOLD

Sheaffer Tuckaway Pencil

late 1940s

This is a Tuckaway pencil, probably sold in a set with a fountain pen. It is the earlier version, probably from the early war years, in standard Tuckaway length of 4.2”. It has a 7/8” broad barrel ring; the ring is in silver that looks and polishes like sterling but is not hallmarked. The celluloid is marine green, and there are no significant scratches or marks. The mechanism works well. An elegant and practical pencil that won’t be a cause of worry in any pocket. Click the title to see more details.

Price: $45

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