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This pen is a 1930s Wearever. It does not have a known model designation, but its appearance is similar to other Kahn-manufactured pens from those years. Its celluloid is a dark cafe-creme with red streaks, almost like a light wooden burl. The pen is in very good condition, 5 1/4″ long with no deep scratches, nicks or cap cracks. There is no imprint; indeed, the only evidence that this is a Wearever is the brand marking on the long humped clip. The nib is marked “Pioneer” (another Kahn name), and is steel with a remaining hint of its former gold-colored plate. It writes a smooth wet fine/medium line.

Price: $40



Its 5” long brown celluloid body has sparkly gold streaks randomly embedded, giving it the appearance of exotic fabric. Its gold-plated trim is clean and tarnish-free.  The lever is quite strong, and the clip is firm. That’s the good news. The better news is how it writes — this nib is smooth and fast, a great note-taking pen. The nib is steel, marked “Supreme, Gold-Plate”, but the plate is long gone.  

Price: $48 $44

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