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Stylomine was a succcessful and prolific French manufacturer of good quality pens and pencils. They invented the “accordion” bulb filler in the 1930s, an accordion sac over a glass breathing tube with a glass ampule to hold the ink; in addition, although Parker got the credit for the first hooded nib, Stylomine’s preceded theirs to market. Their 303 series was their biggest seller from the 1930s-1950s, in various styles and sizes.  

This 303 is a postwar pen, in black plastic (possibly Bakelite), with the accordion bulb filler and plastic ampule and breathing tube. It’s a slimmer pen, .9cm at the case of the cap, but at 12.5cm long capped, standard length for a French pen. The pen fills easily, and writes a smooth fine.  It shows some wear, but is a nice writer. 

Price: $70 $59 SOLD



A good example of a typical 1930-40s American third tier plunger filler, this Traveler is a survivor, a cheaply produced pen that writes well. It has a long marbled red plastic blind cap to match its cap, and the entire 2” barrel is in orange clear plastic. It is in very nice condition, no major scratches or flaws. The nib is a Signature, a brand seen often in third tier pens; its point is rolled steel, not iridium, but it writes a very nice, firm fine line. This pen’s only drawback is its limited ink capacity. 

Price: $45 SOLD



This pen is a 1930s Wearever. It does not have a known model designation, but its appearance is similar to other Kahn-manufactured pens from those years. Its celluloid is a dark cafe-creme with red streaks, almost like a light wooden burl. The pen is in very good condition, 5 1/4″ long with no deep scratches, nicks or cap cracks. There is no imprint; indeed, the only evidence that this is a Wearever is the brand marking on the long humped clip. The nib is marked “Pioneer” (another Kahn name), and is steel with a remaining hint of its former gold-colored plate. It writes a smooth wet fine/medium line.

Price: $40



Its 5” long brown celluloid body has sparkly gold streaks randomly embedded, giving it the appearance of exotic fabric. Its gold-plated trim is clean and tarnish-free.  The lever is quite strong, and the clip is firm. That’s the good news. The better news is how it writes — this nib is smooth and fast, a great note-taking pen. The nib is steel, marked “Supreme, Gold-Plate”, but the plate is long gone. It writes an exceptionally smooth fine line.  

Price: $48

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