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This pen is a 1930s Wearever. It does not have a known model designation, but its appearance is similar to other Kahn-manufactured pens from those years. Its celluloid is a dark cafe-creme with red streaks, almost like a light wooden burl. The pen is in very good condition, 5 1/4″ long with no deep scratches, nicks or cap cracks. There is no imprint; indeed, the only evidence that this is a Wearever is the brand marking on the long humped clip. The nib is marked “Pioneer” (another Kahn name), and is steel with a remaining hint of its former gold-colored plate. It writes a smooth wet fine/medium line.

Price: $40

Wearever Deluxe 100


This Deluxe 100 is in overall excellent condition, with very attractive black and grey striping with hints of silver. There are no marks of wear, scratches or nicks on the pen, although the plastic gripping section has a repaired hairline crack. This pen, like other Deluxe 100s, is 5⅛” long, a substantial full-sized pen. The metal trim is intact and corrosion-free. The imprint is complete. The gold-colored nib is marked “Special Alloy, Made in USA”.  It writes a wet fine line with a bit of feedback. 

Price: $44 SOLD

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