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1920s-early 30s

In red/brown marbled celluloid that cleaned up into a range of coloration.  The ivory colored celluloid crown is spider-webbed with tiny cracks. The gold clip and lever are clean and bright, as well as the 3/8” wide gold cap ring, which is engraved with a single elegant “P”. The Webster imprint is deep and complete, including the center diamond with the “SR” Sears brand. The nib is marked with “warranted 14K” and is a size 4, over a christmas tree style feed; it is very firm and writes a XF/F line with a hint of flex.

Price: $80 $65

Webster Gold Crown

1930's-mid 1940's

This Webster Gold Crown is 5.25″ long capped, and .4″ across just south of the cap edge, so is a full sized, substantial pen. It is very attractive in black celluloid, with a half-inch high gold crown integrated with the clip, a substantial gold clip with horizontal hatching, and a matching half-inch gold tassie at the end of the barrel. Its imprint is deep and easily read, and the pen is virtually unmarked. The nib is branded Webster Gold Crown, and writes a very firm extra fine line.

Price: $69



An elegant little pen, barely 3 7/8” long capped, its gold overlay and engraved pattern quite thick and complete throughout, and marked “1/40 – 14kt”. The black celluloid underneath is complete and intact. The sac nipple was repaired, but this is not visible under the sac and does not affect performance. The nib is marked “Warranted 14K, 4”, the “4” denoting its size, and it writes a smooth, wet medium line with some flex.  $48

Price: $48



This Wilrite, from the 1920s, has the gold-filled overlay over bright yellow celluloid. The gold overlay is complete and very clean. The yellow celluloid shows some wear, but it is intact and complete. Nib is a tiny Peter Pan, which writes a nice fine/medium line with a little flex.

Price: $52 $46



This Wilrite is a large pen, 5 5/16” capped and 1/2” thick, gold over orange plastic. The clip and lever are firm, the gold is particularly clean. The large Fount-O-Ink nib writes a smooth, firm fine line. The orange plastic under the cap overlay is cracked, missing piece.

Price: $65 $55



This pen is one of the celluloid third tier pens from the 1920s that was probably made to look like red hard rubber. In fact, I rubbed it to make sure it wasn’t ebonite. That it isn’t hard rubber doesn’t mean it isn’t attractive, however. It’s a substantial pen, at 5⅛” long and a full half inch wide just below the cap edge. Adding to its appearance are shiny black cap and barrel crowns. This is a nice looking pen, showing some age but not scratched or nicked. The gold-plated trim is all complete. The nib is a warranted 14K that writes a wet medium with a bit of flex; like other Wilrites I’ve seen, it’s a very nice writer.

Price: $72 $65

Wyvern Envoy

early 1950s

Price: $120

Zenith Extra


This pen is 1950s, from Italy, a clear copy of Parker 51s with budget-saving features. The body is 18k gold-plate (marked “laminato oro 750”), and is very attractive. The overlay is chased with a brick pattern, and both ends are tapered. The view window is clear. The nib is marked “Zenith Extra Oro”, and writes a nice fine line with some flex, a typical Italian writing style.

Price: $110

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