Sold Pens Archive

Meteore 807

late 1940s

One of Météore’s first post-WWII models, 5 1/8” long, black celluloid with metallic brown flecks and multi-colored patterning, and black crowns on both barrel and cap. It has gold-plated trim, including a slim lever, necktie clip, and dual cap rings. The nib, an Edacoto, is appropriate for this pen, if not its original. As with many Edacotos, it is a fine flex. There are no noticeable scratches or nicks, but close inspection will reveal the slightest bit of swelling in the barrel and celluloid separation in the cap.

Price: $52

Moore L-92


Among the best early fountain pens, the 1920s were Moore’s best years. This pen is in black hard rubber, with vertical black chasing. The imprint is deep and complete. The nib is believed to be a full flexible, and is marked “The Moore Pen 2”.

Price: $105

No-Name “Italian”


No-Name pens are always a bit mysterious and idiosyncratic, because their brandless anonymity makes the owner understand them as they are, without the expectation and knowledge that comes with brand identification. This pen is probably of 1950s European origin, because it is a piston filler, the nib has some flex and somehow feels Italian, simply like many 1950s pens I’ve seen. It is 12.9 cm long capped, and 11.9 cm uncapped, injection molded of a high quality plastic or resin, with a Vacumatic-like striped pattern in black and green.

Price: $55

No-Name “Mustard”


This No-Name has a typical 1930s lower tier appearance, in mustard yellow celluloid with brown and red streaks. The pen is only marked with a single scratch in each end disk, and its chromed trim is clean and untarnished. It writes wonderfully, with a soft, wet medium nib.

Price: $87

No-Name “Silver”

late 1920s

A NoName mystery…a fine pen made of 900 grade “coin” silver that has a Deco feel, probably late 1920s-early 1930s, unknown origin. The barrel and cap are in an engraved pattern that appears to be similar to chainmail; much enlarged (see photo) one can see that it is touching ovals. The clip is riveted, a clue to its age. The silver is in excellent condition, without dents or blemish. This is a button-filler, with a strong button. The section is in black celluloid, with a christmas tree feed. The pen is 12cm long capped, and it posts to 15.4cm. The nib is a fine with some flex. It is marked “Platinor”, a term that does not appear to have history in pen use. It is also marked “Iridium”. This is a special pen that can be used steadily and will be a treasure in a silver collection.

Price: $140

Osmiroid Calligraphy Set


Black injection-molded plastic, shiny and clean. Osmiroid nibs and pens also are perfect fits for Esterbrook nibs and pens (and vice versa)! This set of lever-filled fountain pen and six calligraphy nibs (Italic fine/medium, italic extra-fine, italic fine, italic medium (2), italic broad) shows no evidence of having been used and is certainly “new old store stock”.

Price: $40

Parker 45


This 45, in olive, is typical, except that it has a broad nib, has probably not been used except to test the nib, and still carries its “Broad” sales sticker.

Price: $65

Parker 45


This Parker 45 is typical, with its deep red plastic body. It is in excellent condition, with no significant marks or blemishes. The nib is a wet fine/medium, a smooth writer. The cap fits firmly, so this can carried in a bag without worry. It comes with an original empty cartridge.

Price: $48

Parker 45 Flighter


Now generically recognized as any fountain pen in a brushed steel body, “Flighters”were originally designed by Parker for their 51 Flighter, which had features to make it more immune to airborne leakage as well as look like a WWII fighter plane. This 45, from the 1960s, is very attractive, very lightly used, and carries a wet medium nib.

Price: $60

Parker 51


A cordovan brown Vacumatic filler from 1946, a less seen and much more desirable double-jeweled model, with the blue diamond clip. It is in very nice condition, with signs of use but very clean and shiny. This pen’s blemish, accommodated in its price, is the evidence of hard cap posting, deep but short scratches on the jeweled blind cap. The cap is gold-filled and has a pattern of alternating four vertical lines and unlined bands. Its gold nib writes a XF line.

Price: $175