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Aurora 88


This 88 carries serial number 253135, which means it is probably from 1947, the first year of 88s’ production. It is an excellent, expressive writer, with an EF flex nib, one of 14 distinct styles Aurora produced for the 88. The pen was completely restored, but it does show its age, with some missing plate on the bottom cap edge and at the base of the clip and some minor age wear along the barrel, both accommodated in its price.

Price: $125

Aurora 88


This is a typical Aurora 88 of the first series, from 1950, carrying serial number 1317120. This is a very nice user pen that writes very well. The piston was fully restored and fills completely. The barrel and section have minimal marking of use, none of the discoloration in the section that is seen in many, and a very clear view window. The Nikargenta cap shows a bit of typical pitting and a spot of missing plate on the edge, but it is without serious marks or dents.

Price: $145

Aurora 88


This is a 2014 Aurora 88, in black resin with gold trim, 13.7cm (5.5″) long capped and 1.5cm (.55″) across just below the cap edge, and a piston filler. The view window is clear. The gold trim — clip, wide cap ring, piston ring, and two narrow rings surrounding the view window — are all clear and bright, without significant scratching. The piston is strong; the pen holds a large fill. The nib is 18k, a full, wet medium, with long tines.

Price: $295

Aurora 88P


Price: $135

Aurora 88P


Price: $135

Aurora Duocart


Price: $42

Aurora Marco Polo


Marco Polo, slim and dressy at 13.7cm, this pen is in very clean condition. Either gold-plate or gold-filled with long deep ribbing in the barrel and cap. The cap ring is horizontally ribbed with what appears to be black enamel filling in the ribs, giving the pen a very handsome appearance. There is a small Aurora imprint, in their 1980s font, running on the cap from the top of the cap ring to the base of the clip. The nib is an Aurora, and it writes a nice full fine/medium.

Price: $95

Aurora Olo Lusso


The Olo Lusso, an Aurora sub-brand, with gold trim was a 1930-1935 pen, and it appeared in marbled and horizontal-over-marbled patterning; this pen is one of the latter types.  At 13.2cm long capped and 1.2cm wide just below the cap, it is a substantial, but not large.  It is in outstanding condition, giving one the impression of having not been previously used.  The celluloid is unmarked. There is a bit of tarnish around the gold crown, but this is this pen’s only flaw. The imprint is “Olo Lusso” in script; it is complete. The nib is steel, and is engraved with “platiridio extra aurora 5”. The nib is firm, a F/EF, but does grant a bit of flex and audible feedback.

Price: $390



It is a handsome, very substantial pen, 5” long and a half inch across just below the cap, with flat ends. There is very little evidence of wear, no scratches, very clean trim. One usually doesn’t see unknown lower level pens made of rod celluloid and with mostly intact and corrosion free gold trim. The nib is imprinted “Warranted 14K Indestructible”, but from the worn finish one has to doubt all three terms. The tipping is mostly gone on one tine but it writes a very nice full medium.

Price: $55

Bayard Excelsior 540

early 1940s

Early 1940s, black celluloid with silver trim, 4 3/4” long with full girth. The nib is gold, marked Excelsior, with the Bayard PF/crossed nibs insignia; it writes a typical medium line that is a bit wet and soft. This particular pen’s clip and lever are both in the “bowtie” style. User pen, with some typical swelling around the lever area. The imprint is faint but complete; it is interesting to note that this Excelsior does not have Bayard in its imprint.

Price: $65 $53

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