Sold Pens Archive

Faber-Castell 884

early 1950s

Identical to the Osmia 883, early 1950s, with muted stripes in resin and a dark green section. Two-tone Osmia nib is a fine with some flex. There are no visible flaws or marks; overall this pen is in excellent condition and writes well.

Price: $135

Geha Goldschwinge 725


Geha was one of Germany’s longstanding manufacturers of excellent fountain pens that found success both before and after WWII. This pen, probably from 1962, is in black plastic. It is a piston filler, with a soft broad nib that has wings that clipped to the side of the feed. This pen’s Reservtank works well, and the piston fills smoothly. The nib writes a soft broad line. The pen’s only flaw is what is believed to be a single (repaired) hairline crack in the slip-type cap, an issue for which these pens and many others of that day are well-known. It is a very nice pen that, due to the cap’s fragility, is probably meant to stay on a desk or be carried in a secure case.

Price: $125

Gold Bond Stonite


This Gold Bond Stonite (their name for the celluloid) is a nice example, a sturdy pen that carries a certain working elegance, looks pretty nice, and works great. The only relatively serious flaw is the missing double crown ring, which was most likely identical to the cap ring and the ring at the base of the barrel. The nib, which is probably original and is certainly contemporaneous, was straightened, still looks rough at the tip, but tuned to a smooth, 30s typical firm fine.

Price: $55

Hutcheon Brothers


This pen, from the early 1930s, has the added interest of a New York Telephone Company imprint. The pen itself is in excellent condition — the virtually unmarked mottled red celluloid extends to the section, the lever is strong, the trim is unmarked. There are a couple of what appear to be tool marks on the section. It is a longer pen, like so many of the era, at 5 17/32″ capped. The nib is the original Hutcheon Brothers nib, but sadly, the nib is cracked from the base up into the visible portion above the section. The nib was carefully replaced into the section, and the pen writes a nice fine line with a little bit of flex, but this pen is priced to accommodate this issue.

Price: $70

Kaweco Colleg


A full-size pen from Germany, 12.6 cm long, and fits the hand very nicely. Of black celluloid, piston-filled. This pen was released from my personal collection and freshly restored. It’s a very nice writer, with its original responsive steel nib.

Price: $75

Keystone Set   


Keystone was one of many names used by Kahn Manufacturing for its 1930s third tier pens. This early 1930s pen capped length is only 3 3/4” from base to ringtop. It is in almost unused condition, in red celluloid with grey pearlescent chunks in the celluloid. The chrome, including the ringtop, is all in excellent condition. The ringtop is secure, and would look equally nice hanging from gold or satin. Its tiny gold nib writes a surprisingly wet, full medium line. The matching pencil, which is of standard length, works well with 0.9mm lead. Its trim is equally clean.

Price: $49

Lamy 47 Ratio


The Ratio was a sub-model of Lamy’s 47 line, which was available throughout the 1960s and 1970s, a very well-made school pen. This pen, 13cm long and in dark blue, is largely of injected-molded plastic with a steel cap. Like many German pens, it is a piston filler, and a very efficient one at that. The nib is original, of gold, and writes a fine line. It has a subtle inscription.

Price: $45 $36

Mabie Todd Swan


Delightful little gold-plated eyedropper, from pre-1920 American Mabie Todd. This is a lady’s pen with its small profile, fully flexible 2 nib, and absence of a clip or ringtop. From my personal collection.

Price: $95

Marathon Student


Made of thick green early celluloid, it has a deep imprint in white that says “The Student”, and “Marathon Fountain Pen Co, New York USA” surrounded by typical 1920s flourishes. It has a translucent smoke color plug in the top of the cap and its nib writes a wet fine/medium line.


Price: $90

Matador Click 020

early 1950s

Manufactured by Siebert & Loewen, probably from the early 1950s, in black resin, a piston filler. What makes this pen outstanding is an amazing, super-smooth BB oblique nib.

Price: $89